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Super Mentor Programme: a new communication platform to link overseas students with alumni who graduated from UK Top Universities

Super Mentor Programme: a new communication platform to link overseas students with alumni who graduated from UK Top Universities

UVIC, together with myOffer®, has made great efforts to create this new communication platform to link thousands of overseas students with alumni who graduated from some of the world’s Top Universities. We are forming a team of tutors in various fields including venture capital and entrepreneurs, career professionals, and the world's top elite of highly educated professionals.

The name of the programme, Super Mentor, was inspired by “International Overseas Student Day” which is celebrated on 6 June every year.

We would like to attract attention of young professionals and encourage them to share their experience of studying abroad and achieving success, along with supporting young and future Chinese international students in their studies and potential career development abroad.

Introduction of Super Mentor Online WeChat Lecture

Super Mentor Online Wechat Lecture is presented via Wechat App, which is one of the most popular messaging app among Chinese users.

Super Mentors are invited to join the Wechat group for the lecture which is conducted by using text and audio messages, images, videos and presentation slides. Each lecture lasts 60 minutes and is divided into two equal 30-minute sessions:

  1. Main topic talk presented by Super Mentor
  2. Q&A session (questions and answers by text and audio messages)

The lecture topics cover all kinds of aspects that students might be interested in, including educational applications, essay writing & examinations, career planning, overseas life experience and so on.

Each lecture is recorded, then put together in videos, and uploaded online so that other students can review it afterwards.

Lectures are held every Saturday at 21:00-22:00 (BST).

Passed Sessions (In Chinese)

Passed Sessions (Links)

First Session - 2016/05/21

Richard Li

LSE Citi Full Scholarship PhD


YouTube link: https://youtu.be/a1PY5DhDSOI

Second Session - 2016/05/28

Tianshu Liu

Credit Suisse


YouTube link: https://youtu.be/_OVR64n_r8M

And a little statistics at the end, Super Mentor has already attracted:

  • Over 200 students each lecture
  • Over 10,000 viewers on social media marketing campaign
  • Reported by 5 outstanding news media such as Sina Education
  • Scheduled next 11 sessions
  • Over 40 mentors lined up

And this is only beginning...

For more information, contact us: edu@uvic.co.uk