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UVIC successfully organized “2016 Super Girl ” UK National Finals:Top Three are UVIC Students

UVIC successfully organized “2016 Super Girl ” UK National Finals:Top Three are UVIC Students

UVIC successfully organized “Super Girl” singing competition in the UK. It is important to mention how great all of the three contestants are.

All of them attended the Super Girl UK 2016 audition and also got top three places there. And the most impressive thing about these girls is that they not only love singing and performing, but also studying. They are all straight A-mazing students.

Winner: JiaLu Wang

JiaLu (Victoria) is currently a Year 2 Law student in University of East Anglia and also the lead singer in Chinese Student Orchestra band “Yega.M ”.

Run-up: Jun Zhou

Jun is a student in Teesside University in Middleborough, her major is film making. Her voice is similar to Chinese famous female pop star Fei Wang.

Third Place: Di Wu

Di is a Fashion Marketing girl who studies in the University of Leeds. She is the most popular among all the contestants because of her special voice. She admitted that her experience of studying in the UK was changing her personality and she was gradually becoming a braver girl. So she entered the competition without hesitating a moment.

Broaden the Horizons

All of the girls believe that studying in the UK contributes significantly to young people’s self-promotion.

JiaLu: “Studying overseas broadens my vision, and students shouldn’t be worried about their English. Because when you are in the UK students can also learn another language and visit many interesting places.”

Jun: “It is an excellent experience for me. Living in the UK let me become an honest, simple and hardworking person.”

Di: “In the UK I can learn about different lifestyles by making friends from around the world, which helps me become an open-minded person.”

“Super Girls” Recommend UVIC

What is amazing in retrospect is how creative Victoria, Jun and Di were. They are all UVIC students.

JiaLu: “I will use UVIC services again when I need to apply to Law University in the future.”

Jun: “My friends and I applied to five universities and then student visa all through UVIC. Our consultant was a very nice person; she was very professional about all the things that she did. This is really great!”

Di: “Thanks to UVIC professional and friendly team I have successfully applied for a postgraduate programme in the UK. UVIC made my dream come true and they support all students’ wishes to have a better future.”