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Most Haunted Universities in Scotland

Most Haunted Universities in Scotland

If you are easily scared, it’s best not to enter-------the UK’s most haunted universities: Scotland Edition.

There are a lot of historic universities in the UK. Although these universities have gained strong reputations for high-quality research and teaching, some of these older institutions have well-known supernatural stories attached to them.

The University of St Andrews is Scotland’s oldest university, and the town of St Andrews is one of Scotland’s most haunted locations. St Andrews’ most famous spooks, a ghostly monk and a white lady, are said to be found amongst the scattered gravestones of the cathedral ruins. Have you heard their tales?

The Ghostly Monk

In the 1950s, a visitor tried to ascend St Rule’s Tower, which is one of two magnificent edifices that dominate the ruins of the St Andrews Cathedral. The visitor was met by a figure dressed in monk’s robes, who asked if he needed any help. When the visitor refused monk’s help and continued up the stairs, he was surprised to feel nothing as he squeezed past the kindly monk. He was later told that he must have met the ghostly monk of St Rule’s, who is a spirit and likes to ensure safety of those ascending the tower.

The White Lady of St Andrews

This figure has apparently been spotted many times over the past 200 years. Reports suggest that she appears in the cathedral grounds, wearing a long white dress and having hair to her waist. She is very beautiful by all accounts. Recent witnesses describe her as wearing white leather gloves.

In many stories, the White Lady glides silently along and then vanishes near the haunted tower. At one time, few local people dared to pass the haunted tower after nightfall, for fear of an encounter. Her precise identity is unknown.

But in 1868, an incident occurred that perhaps sheds some light on this mystery. Two stonemasons, repairing the walls of the haunted tower, broke into a sealed chamber and found a number of coffins. One of them lay open and contained the well-preserved body of a young woman in a white dress – and she was wearing white leather gloves.

Although not strictly a university ghost, the cathedral's grounds are located very close to the university, so keep your eyes open if you're wandering around at night. Apparently, most sightings occur during the months of October and November.