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Most Haunted Universities in Wales

Most Haunted Universities in Wales

If you are easily scared, it’s best not to enter-------the UK’s most haunted universities: Wales Edition.

There are a lot of historic universities in the UK. Although these universities have gained strong reputations for high-quality research and teaching, some of these older institutions have well-known supernatural stories attached to them.

Wales is not without its own university ghost stories. Have you heard this not-very-cheerful Christmas tale?

University of Wales, Newport: Big Bertha

The figure of a six foot tall, 60-year-old woman wearing brown overalls and roaming the corridors of Newport's Caerleon campus is, apparently, a familiar sight to those who live and work at the University of Wales.

Known as Big Bertha, she is said to be the ghost of Bertha Ramsey, a matron who was found dead at the foot of the stairs – after mysteriously falling from the second floor during the 1962 Christmas holidays.

At the time of her death, there was some speculation about whether she had fallen or been pushed. Her death is particularly mysterious, because it happened during the Christmas holidays, when there were no students staying at the college and, therefore, no reason for her to go upstairs. What’s more, there is no evidence of her death certificate or grave.

Some security staff members have reported hearing strange sounds at night, and sometimes, in the early morning, the lift will come down and, when the doors open, there is no one inside.