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Most Haunted Universities: Oxbridge

Most Haunted Universities: Oxbridge

If you are easily scared, it’s best not to enter-------the UK’s most haunted universities: Oxbridge Edition.

There are a lot of historic universities in the UK. Although these universities have gained strong reputations for high-quality research and teaching, some of these older institutions have well-known supernatural stories attached to them.

Oxford and Cambridge are arguably the most famous UK universities in the world. But these creepy tales are perhaps a bit less well-known. Have you heard the chilling rumours about these Oxbridge ghosts?

University of Oxford: Headless Archbishop

The library of St John's College is said to be haunted by the headless ghost of Archbishop William Laud, whose head was chopped off in 1645 after his impeachment by the ‘Long Parliament’. Laud was Archbishop of Canterbury, the head of the Anglican Church, and he had made several enemies. Unfortunately for him, his enemies eventually obtained enough political power to have him arrested and beheaded. He was the chancellor of University of Oxford before he became Archbishop. It is said that late at night students immersed in their studies have been disturbed by Laud kicking his severed head along the floor with a candle in his hand.

University of Cambridge: The Ghost of Christopher Round

It is rumoured that the ghost of a Christ's College fellow, Christopher Round, haunts the grounds of this University of Cambridge college every year on the 29th May, while unsettling noises echo around the fellows’ building.

The story goes that Christopher Round and another academic once conducted a scientific experiment with the newly discovered chemical chloroform. At the time, two men were rivals in the pursuit of one particularly attractive lady. As it happened, Round’s colleague became rather inebriated by the chloroform fumes, and when they were walking home through the college grounds, he drunkenly fell into the swimming pool. Round seized the opportunity to get revenge on his competing suitor and used a branch to prevent him surfacing from the water. His enemy quickly drowned.

This wicked deed eventually caused Christopher Round to feel tremendous remorse, and his ghost walks sorrowfully through the grounds of Christ’s College to this day, circling the pool and the old mulberry tree.