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Relocating to the UK

Relocating to the UK

We know for a fact that relocating to a different country can be a lot of work and quite daunting (we have all done it!), but hopefully we can help smooth this transition and make your relocation a breeze. Often parents are worried about having everything in order prior to leaving and students worry about what to do after arriving.

Our relocation service can help alleviate these worries as experience has taught us that most people find it reassuring to have someone local who can help answer questions and provide support in case of emergencies.

Before You Leave

We offer to brief students who are moving overseas for the first time and need guidance on what to prepare before departing their home country. This can be with regard to what to bring, where to go and what to do. Students frequently tell us that a pre-departure briefing and introduction to the UK are useful for finding out where to go for food, when shops close and other similar questions.

On Arrival

Having arrived safely at the airport is great. Nevertheless, finding the correct transportation, making sure that you have all your things and knowing where to go can be confusing. If needed, we can help you keep track of where to go and what transportation to take (sometimes this is organised by universities, in which case we will just act as support in case there are any issues).

Settling In

You have just arrived at your hall or flat - what to do now? Our experienced counsellors can help guide you through practicalities such as police registration, registering with a GP (general practitioner – your doctor) and how to set up a bank account. We have some information on our website under Living in the UK, but this only covers the basics. The range of questions can be diverse, so it may be better to just contact us for help.