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Financing Your Study in the UK

Financing Your Study in the UK

International students will have to provide proof that they have enough finance to fund their education and living costs whilst in the UK. Students usually have questions on where to find scholarship information, the available funding opportunities, requirements for student loans and costs involved. There are some guiding principles most students should realise before studying in the UK.

  • Think ahead: Before you start your studies, you must ensure that you have the necessary funds in place for the duration of the programme. Most funding sources have strict deadlines, normally several months before your course formally begins.
  • Research is key. Make sure you obtain as much information as possible about the your desired university and its environment. Most universities and local information centres are happy to provide you with more information on request.
  • Ask other students in the area. There are several online portals where students interact and share information. If possible, we can try and get you in touch with current or former students at your choice of location.
  • There are numerous scholarships available and these will typically differ depending on the university you are applying to. The universities normally have resources with access to the scholarships available.

Your Own Country

Not many students know this but your home country could be one of the biggest sources of funding, and this will be either from local government or from companies based in your home country. The best way to look for this opportunity is to contact your local government office and see what they would recommend.

International Organizations

There are several International Organizations, such as the Fulbright Commission which grant aid to students all over the world.

UK Universities/Schools

Some UK colleges and universities offer limited financial aid for international students to attract students. Your best option with this is to contact the school directly to get more information such as the requirements of the financial aid.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

This can be a great source of funding, however it will require a lot of time and effort on your part. These are all different in requirements and will usually have conditions on them such as written essays, a certain grade or similar.