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UVIC Milestones

December 2005

UVIC became an official member of the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS), UK. 

November 2007

UVIC became the only British immigration and education promotion organisation appointed by the Allied China Europe Society.

September 2008

UVIC’s China Support Centre established a strategic co-operative partnership with China International Intellectech Corporation, a state owned enterprise.

January 2009

UVIC was accredited by the Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIOL) as a professional translation service provider. 

August 2010

UVIC became the official authorised test venue of Password, a British official English language testing organisation.

November 2010

UVIC established strategic co-operative partnerships with the five largest international educational groups and became their authorised agent of student recruitment.

December 2010

UVIC became the first British organisation to be accredited and authorised by the four large British governmental bodies: Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS), Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIOL), Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) and Immigration Law Practitioners’ Association (ILPA).

March 2011

UVIC was invited by the House of Lords as the only representative of British immigration law organisations to participate in the discussion of new acts related to British immigration policy.  

October 2011

UVIC successfully organised UniFair, an education and immigration fair that was unprecedented in size in the UK. Eighty British universities, including the University of Oxford, banks and estate agencies, as well as over 4000 new immigrants and overseas students from 108 nationalities participated in this event. Attention and media coverage were given by over ten British and international media organisations, including the BBC and China News Service. This large-scale event continues to be held annually. 

November 2011

UVIC successfully organised the London Elite Cocktail Party, which offered a networking opportunity for overseas investors, entrepreneurs and career elites to establish connections with British government officials and top-level managers from transnational corporations. Participants in this event included the vice-mayor of the City of London, the president of the London Stock Exchange, members of the House of Lords, consultants from the British Prime Minister’s Office, officials from the Chinese embassy and a number of economists. This event continues to be hosted annually by UVIC.

During the event, Mr Steve Moore, the chief consultant of the British Prime Minister’s Office, praised UVIC for enabling him to sense the ground-breaking opportunities and important links between global investment and entrepreneur immigration and the British economic environment. 

May 2012

UVIC jointly organised the Chinese Celebrity Press Conference with the London Universities International Partnership (LUIP) in anticipation of the London Olympics. Well-known Chinese investor Xu Xiaoping, famed journalist He Jiong and Olympic champion Li Na expressed appreciation for UVIC’s monumental action in promoting cross-sector communication between the UK and China.

October 2012

UVIC was presented with the 2012 Sino-British Economic Cultural Exceptional Contribution Award by the Allied China Europe Society.

December 2013

UVIC organised the London Year-End Elites Ball and filmed a documentary on Chinese elites in Europe. Philip Hao, CEO of UVIC, vice-secretary of Allied China Europe Society; Richard Proctor, president of Allied China Europe Society; David Scowsill, World Tourism Council; Gillian Humphreys, president of Concordia Foundation; Wang Haizhen, winner of the 2012 UK Fashion Award; and Li Chunqing, the winner of the 2013 Superface Design Award, attended this event.

March 2014

UVIC office relocated to the City of London, alongside national and international organisations, such as the Bank of England, London Stock Exchange, Mansion House and Bloomberg. 

July 2014

UVIC hosted the British Investment Entrepreneur Forum at DLA Piper, the largest global law firm in City of London.  Graham Durgan, president of the Association of Registered Independent Directors (ARID), attended the Forum and gave guidance to entrepreneurial businesses on how to operate, to be listed and to analyse the latest trends of investments in the UK. The world-leading headhunting company Aldrich& Company founders and presidents interpreted the latest developments in the UK job market. UVIC VIPs in immigration also carried out effective communications with hundreds of politicians and businessmen.   

August 2014

UVIC was presented the 2014 Most Socially Responsible Sino-British Organisation Award by the Allied China Europe Society.

September 2014

UVIC and Allied China Europe Society jointly hosted the 2014 Sino-British Film Summit Conference. Phillip Hao, CEO of UVIC; Richard Procter, president of the Allied China Europe Society; Amanda Neville, CEO of the British Film Institute; and Adruab Wotton, CEO of the British Film Commission, discussed important collaboration projects, such as Sino-British film investment, joint production, and copyright importation. 

October 2014

In October 2014, Fiona Woolf, Lord Mayor of the City of London, visited China accompanied by a group of delegates comprised of the top managers from companies across various sectors in London. As one of the delegates,  UVIC’s chief aim was to promote British culture, education, trade and investment in China’s major cities and host the “New Opportunity, New Life” British Elite Investment Entrepreneur Cocktail Party in nine Chinese cities. During the delegation’s visit to Beijing, UVIC managers and partners engaged in constructive conversations with the mayor of Beijing, the secretary of the Xicheng District Communist Party Committee, as well as other leaders. The leaders appreciated UVIC’s work in promoting Sino-British culture, education, trade and investment collaborations, and expressed positive attitudes towards the development of future collaborations between the UK and China. 

December 2014

Global China Dialogue was successfully launched at London Capital Club, the heart of City of London. The event was co-organized by CCPN Global and YES (Young Entrepreneur Society), and endorsed by UVIC. The launch of Global China Dialogue was sponsored by various international organisations, and attended by a large number of academic scholars from outstanding institutions, corporate executives from top enterprises (including Philip Hao, CEO of UVIC), exceptional young entrepreneurs and global talents from think tank. By integrating theory and practice to a historically high level, the event has produced the profound influence on promoting the mutual sustainable development between China and the globe.