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An Offer Day Launched by University of Exeter at the London Head Office of UVIC in February 2017

An Offer Day Launched by University of Exeter at the London Head Office of UVIC in February 2017

In February 2017, the top 10 University, University of Exeter, launched an Offer Day at the London Head Office of UVIC. As an official student recruitment organisation of hundreds of UK universities, UVIC invited two Senior University students recruitment officers to interview all applicants for a place at this Russell Group member and valued UVIC partner, the University of Exeter. Different from traditional ways of applying to a UK university, this Offer Day definitely gave these International students, a special opportunity to gain offers in a quick and more direct way, straight from their chosen university.

On the day, there were 4 outstanding students who received their offer of a place from the University after several rounds of tests and clear personal evidence of their prior accreditation.

This included Undergraduate student A, who majored in Economics at Brunel University in London, receiving the offer of an MSc in Financial Analysis & Fund Management and Undergraduate student B who majored in Financial & Economics at University of Leicester receiving the offer of an MSc International Tourism Management.

Two undergraduates from Cardiff University who respectively got the offer to study for their MSc inFinancial Analysis & Fund Management and MSc Financial Investment. Both of these programmes are strong and high achieving courses at the University of Exeter.

Congratulations to these students!

The University of Exeter founded in 1955, is a public research university located at Exeter, South West England, United Kingdom. It has around, 19,500 students, and at least 26% students are international students who came from over 130 counties and regions. This University is one of the most popular UK Universities among international students and recently was awarded the Gold TEF standard by the UK Government. The University of Exeter Business School is of a great reputation with two famous programme MSc Accounting and classic major, Finance and MSc Financial Analysis & Fund Management. These are the only two majors which are chartered by CFA level 1&2. Many Students who gain employment in the investment banking sector after they graduated from University go on to develop senior careers within the sector. All the majors of University of Exeter are receiving application now.

Please consult to professional UVIC education counsellor for support in your application and if you want further details. UVIC is the first professional UK based organisation which has operational licence from UCAS,OISC, ILPA and IOL – all four UK Government organisations. UVIC intends to host more Offer Days activities like this alongside our world-class UK University partners to bring further benefits to all prospective international students.