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myMoney® - The Online Tuition Payment Platform: how the FinTech to develop the education of UK

myMoney® - The Online Tuition Payment Platform: how the FinTech to develop the education of UK

全球跨境支付供应商,myMoney ® 和UVIC召开在5月18日的高等教育和科技行业的一次论坛。

For the past few years ,with the change and innovation of technology ,FinTech have had a far-reaching influence on many traditional industry and developed the theory of high efficiency service sharply. The education of the UK is famous for its advantages educational concept and faculties in the world. It attracts million international students to pursue advanced studies in UK every year. The core of thinking and innovation of top UK Universities is how to provide the best service to a mass of international students.

Based on that , this forum focus on how the FinTech to develop the education of UK.

Sunny Sun ,one of the founder of a UK company, myMoney®, pointed that most of the oversea students pay their tuition fee online, there is lower and lower frequency to use the telegraphic transfer in a traditional bank. But in China, most of the students use the traditional telegraphic transfer when they pay for their tuition fee, even though the number of students abroad is increasing. People not only need to go to the bank to make the telegraphic transfer in work days, but also are bothered with the complex process of telegraphic transfer. Furthermore, the line of limit and the repeated checking accounts also brother people who use traditional telegraphic transfer. So myMoney®has provide online payment service for oversea students since the end of last year to create a quick, simply and safe payment for the oversea students.

On the payment platform of myMoney®, students or their parents just need to enter the name of the University whatever it is Chinese or English even it is abbreviation, the system will find the University and the bank account information of this University. Next, students just need to enter the information and the student number of themselves, then enter the amount of money the should pay , the system of RMB with the exchange rate. After that, the system will swap and pay the money for students under the require of State Administration of Foreign Exchange. The whole process is simple with the Chinese page ,so it is simply and easy for whatever oversea students who are first to pay their tuition fee only or the parents it is simply and easy.

Brand Johnson ,the global marketing specialist of Hertford, point that the traditional payment patterns in UK University include international transfer accounts with Weston Union Business Solution, online payment with debit cards and credit cards, bank transfer and cash paid. Brad approves the importance of Chinese marketing for the UK universities and he also appreciate the new solution of oversea students' payment provided by the advanced European cross border tuition payment service provider, myMoney®. Hertford University has reached the agreement of strategic cooperation with myMoney®to provide convenient and quick tuition online payment for Chinese students who will study in Hertford lately .


Brand Johnson ,the Global Marketing Specialist of Hertford University

Moreover, tenured chair professor of Newcastle Business School, Northumbria University , Xiong Yu , pointed that many online payment platforms appear because of the development of innovation industry in China lately.The change of oversea tuition payment is worthy to explore.The marketing manager of China Unicom (Europe), Lisa Tang, look forward to realizing tuition payment by phone cards on myMoney®platform.

(Tenured Chair Professor of Newcastle Business School , Northumbria University, Xiong Yu)