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Most Haunted Universities in England

Most Haunted Universities in England

If you are easily scared, it’s best not to enter-------the UK’s most haunted universities: England Edition.

There are a lot of historic universities in the UK. Although these universities have gained strong reputations for high-quality research and teaching, some of these older institutions have well-known supernatural stories attached to them.

English universities have plenty of scary stories to keep students up at night. Here are a few to send a chill down your spine…

Durham University: The Ghost of Frederick Copeman

Frederick Copeman was one of the first students at Durham University in the early 19th century. According to the legend, the undergraduate lived in the highest room in Durham Castle, at the top of the Black Staircase.

When the results of the final exams were pinned to the noticeboards on Palace Green – First Class at the top, Second in the middle and Third at the bottom, and those who failed not getting their names listed – Copeman was seen anxiously scanning the results for his name, only to find out that it wasn’t there. He went back to his room in desperation and was heard pacing the floor before suddenly rushing from his room, racing to the top of the cathedral tower and throwing himself to his death.

The most tragic part of this story is that it turned out that his name had in fact been at the top of the First Class degree list, but had been obscured by the sheet pinned above. To this day, phantom footsteps can be heard pacing the floor of Copeman’s old room.

According to David Butler, who is a county archivist and runs a ghost walk in the city of Durham, Frederick Copeman’s old room is no longer used. Others, both students and staff, have talked about poltergeist activity in Room 21, some of which is quite disturbing. Room 21 was also recorded as having poltergeist activity by the now-defunct paranormal group Avalon Skies. What remains uncertain is whether the room, that is currently designated as Room 21 in the castle, is indeed the former accommodation of poor Frederick Copeman.

University of Warwick: Ghostly Prisoners

Basing on some reports, it is rumoured that the Cryfield student accommodation at the University of Warwick was built on the site of an old prison. Therefore, it is supposedly haunted by the ghosts of people hanged at Gibbet Hill. In fact, the name Cryfield is said to refer to the cries of the convicts that could be heard from the field.

University of Exeter: A Ghostly Workman

Exeter’s main campus is reported to be haunted by a ghostly workman who died whilst working on the buildings that he still occupies. Dressed in painter’s overalls, he continues to stalk the site in search of things that still need painting.

University of Bristol: Headless Horseman

If you are a student of the University of Bristol, watch out if you're walking along Tyndall Avenue at night. Apparently, a headless horseman patrols the avenue on a black horse that belonged to the Smyth family 400 years ago. Students have reported sightings when leaving the Arts and Social Sciences Library after dark.