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UVIC in “Who’s Still Standing” Programme

UVIC in “Who’s Still Standing” Programme

UVIC participated in the entire process of the creation of “Who’s still standing” programme in the UK. 

UVIC as a European partner is pleased to collaborate with JiangSu province reality TV show “Who’s still standing”. This year Season Three “The world's elite tournament” is recruiting in the UK. In May 20 selective trials were held in 10 big cities in the UK, which aimed to encourage all players to show their talent.

UVIC held engaging competitions with secret presents in 20 different university campuses in the UK seeking for passionate and all-round participants. As a result, we have received hundreds of registration forms. We intended to encourage participants to learn from the games.

During the program, UVIC prepared 10000 special gifts,£10000 on service vouchers and £5000 on WeChat read cash to encourage students to engage with the game. The winner is able to get $10,000 travel funding.

UVIC hopes that every student will enjoy their time living overseas and will be able to maintain a perfect balance between studying and having fun!