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Pathway to UK Undergraduate or Postgraduate Programmes

Pathway to UK Undergraduate or Postgraduate Programmes

Today you’ve decided that you want to study in London, to work towards a career you’re passionate about. But you’re worried about your English and fitting into British environment, or you simply didn’t manage to reach the entry requirements you needed or get a recognised high school qualification…

We here at UVIC know something that could help. Brunel University London has launched the LBIC programme for people just like you.



LBIC is a one-stop pathway programme leading to undergraduate or postgraduate degrees at Brunel University London, designed to meet the needs of international students. You will study at a campus-based university located at Uxbridge – right in West London, with 500 international students from all over the world.

Basically, instead of going through extra 2 years of expensive sixth form study that can cost a fortune, or panicking about your qualification from your home country not being accepted, you can go straight to Brunel University London’s pathway programme:

For undergraduates: you go straight to the university’s foundation year
For postgraduates: you go straight to a pre-Masters programme



Everyone deserves a chance to get an education, but sometimes things do go wrong. LBIC provides a ‘soft-landing’ for students to get into the UK education system.

Being a student at LBIC, you study on the safe, friendly campus of Brunel University in London. You will study in small-size classes and also be exposed to a diverse range of clubs and societies to suit your interests. You will gain experience with various types of activities on top of your academic classes, where you can gain transferable skills that will improve your career prospects. LBIC is also very flexible: not only can you add an additional ‘work-experience’ year to make it a sandwich course, but the programme also has starting points throughout the year:

For undergraduates: January, May, or September
For postgraduates: April, June, or September



LBIC has programmes covering most faculties, including:

  • Arts (Postgraduate only)
  • Business and Management (Undergraduate/Postgraduate)
  • Computing/Computer Science (Undergraduate/Postgraduate)
  • Economics and Finance (Undergraduate/Postgraduate)
  • Engineering (Undergraduate only)
  • Engineering and Design (Postgraduate only)
  • Environmental Science and Sustainability (Postgraduate only)
  • Law (Undergraduate/Postgraduate)

If you are interested in joining an LBIC programme, or if you have any inquiries about entry requirements, let us know and we will answer your questions 1-to-1. 

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